capricorn - December 18, 2018

Your love life may remain favorable during this month. Not only may your relations with your lover become lovelier but also you may be able to bring him or her in your life. Your future love life may also become favorable. You may succeed in making him or her your life-partner. If you are planning to propose your lover for marriage, it may be better to do so towards the latter half of July 2018. Your marital life may undergo stress during this period. There is possibility of a dispute with your life-partner that may ultimately create situation of separation. You may have to live separately due to lack of compatibility between you two. Try to improve your relations during this period and make them more harmonious. If you fail to maintain lovelier relations with your spouse, your in-laws may be stressed. Moreover, your travel plans to abroad may face obstacles. In fact, your relations with kins may also go through a bad phase. Your friends may not even prove helpful. During this month, try to keep healthier relations, not only with your lover but also, family. Seek your spouse support to undertake any task. It may be better to communicate less with your spouse in this time.